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Designer & creative misfit.

“Architecture is interesting, but by itself it means nothing.”

(Massimiliano Fuksas)

Much like architecture, design too, by itself, means nothing. Without people, design wouldn’t be beautiful, or interesting, or useful, or most importantly it wouldn’t give shape to the future. For me, design means creating better ways for people to live their lives, and without speaking and engaging with people, communities, and cultures, it’s impossible to do so.

I am a creative visual storyteller, a critical thinker, and pragmatic problem-solver, with a professional background extending across the creative industries.

My diverse skill-set and restless curiosity allow me to have a unique perspective and a powerful impact on every project I work on, or business I collaborate with.

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Here’s me ~living my best life~ and exploring the coast of beautiful British Columbia. Whether it’s a stormy, rainy day or a sunny one, I couldn’t be happier exploring the coastlines and stumbling upon fascinating things.