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Optix Blog / 2017 - present
~ art direction, graphic design, illustrations, branding
When I began working at Optix, their blog was in its youth, and I was given the opportunity to take the reigns and grow the visual style.

I’ve created all of the current illustrations that exist on the blog, building out a variety of visual styles for each series; while, maintaining true to Optix’s simple and clean brand language.

Below are a few of the illustrations I’ve created for some of the series on the blog, each showcasing a graphic relating to the theme of the article.

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Optix newsletter
Most of the blog traffic comes from our monthly newsletter. Along with the redesign of our website, I implemented the new brand across our newsletter. This included implementing the brand styling as well as laying out a new flow.

The new newsletter design increase click rates/click through rates, improving overall traffic to the blog.